The Froshonary – A Dictionary of Western for Frosh

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Campus Jargon:
DC++: The free open-source file sharing program used by frosh in residence. Its where you can upload or download videos of residence pranks and find full seasons of Sex and the City or Lost. Enjoy the super speed of Reznet while you can and stock up.

Club Weldon: Around exam time Weldon transforms from a simple library into THE place to see and be seen. You’ll see the latest fashion strutting through the stacks and Western girls and boys in the middle of mating season. Weldon’s so packed, you might expect to find a bouncer working the door.

Floorcest: ex. “Emily totally committed floorcest last night!” While it may seem like a good idea at the time, hooking up with your floormates is generally frowned upon and often leads to awkwardness. If you’re feeling lustful on a Saturday night at least make the effort to walk up a couple flights of stairs.

Libs: ex.“Hey girl, let’s go study at the libs.” A shortened version of the more formal word, library. Only the coolest nerds use this term.

RA: Residence Advisors are upper years paid to live in residence and help out frosh. They’ve always got your back " just don’t let them catch you playing beer pong or sliding on a makeshift slip and slide!

Soph: Often found wearing odd costumes and shouting cheers while jumping around excitedly, Western’s Sophs are those awesome upper-year students in charge of O-week.

Sophcest: A double entendre, sophcest can refer either to Sophs hooking up with their frosh or to Sophs hooking up with other Sophs " usually on the same soph team. ex. “Sophcest is rampant on the socialsci team.”

Turkey Dump: Refers to when a high school romantic relationship (or any pre-university relationship) is ended right around Thanksgiving, which is generally when people realize there are much better, more convenient dating options right here at Western. Often accompanied by crying, ice cream consumption and incessant listening to REM or Bryan Adams.

Western Girl/Western Guy: We’re not sure whether they’re human or robot, but these clone-like students seem to be multiplying. Ridiculing these typical Western students never gets old. The gals strut their stuff in UGGs and jean-skirt-ontop-of-black-tight ensembles, while the guys sport popped collar polos and designer sunglasses.

Important People/Organizations:
CHRW 94.9 FM: Western’s campus radio is hosted mainly by students and broadcasts talk shows, sports coverage and music shows across campus and in London.

Dr. Paul Davenport a.k.a P. Diddy or the French Knight: This is the head honcho, the big cheese, the boss of Western. As President and Vice-Chancellor of the university, Dr. Davenport is a pretty busy guy.

The Gazette: You’re reading it, dummy!

Rick McGhie: He’s an alumnus who’s been entertaining Western students with his acoustic guitar since the dawn of time. There is no excuse for missing his performance! You can stress about exams any day, but Rick’s only here once a week!

TV Western: A closed circuit TV station that airs several programs as well as covering campus events and sports. It broadcasts on TVs throughout the University Community Centre.

USC: Led by Tom Stevenson, this year’s student council president, the University Students’ Council is our student government that’s in charge of a whole whack of events and changes around campus.

On Campus:
The Atrium: The foyer next to the cafeteria on the main floor of the UCC. A popular site for events and displays, the atrium is a hotspot for action.

Centrespot: A mall-esque cafeteria neighbouring the Atrium including all your over-priced favourites: Pita Pit, Harvey’s, Pizza Pizza, Manchu Wok, the Salad Bowl and Hospitality Services Healthy Choices.

Concrete Beach: Be prepared to be trampled by book toting students if you tan on this “beach”! Found outside the front doors of the UCC: Concrete Beach is host to many events including sidewalk sales and fundraisers.

Brescia/King’s/Huron: Western’s three affiliated colleges all have their own residences and classes, although students can also take courses on main campus. Brescia only houses girls, while King’s and Huron are co-ed.

Deli: Delaware Hall residence

The ’Geen/The Zoo: Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence

Med-Syd: Medway-Sydenham Hall residence

NatSci: The Natural Sciences Centre is found on Elgin Road. NatSci is known for its huge psychology lecture hall and the bus stop in front of the building.

The Patio: The licensed sitting area outside of The Spoke " enjoy a cold one on the patio while laughing at the frantic students leaving Weldon.

The SDC: The Student Development Centre is on the second floor of the UCC. A great spot for academic assistance, the SDC offers studying tips, essay advice, tutoring and help for those with learning disabilities.

SocialSci/SSC: The Social Sciences Centre - Besides classrooms, this building has some of the most comfortable studying areas and a Tim’s for study breaks.

The Spoke: A restaurant and bar in the UCC often featuring our beloved Rick McGhie. The Spoke’s café/lounge style makes it a great spot to stop between classes.

The Wave: A restaurant and bar in the UCC. It overlooks concrete beach, hence the name “the Wave”. It’s more of a traditional style restaurant than The Spoke " a great spot for dinner with friends!

Weldon/Club Weldon: The D.B. Weldon Library is Western’s largest library and a great spot to study " just remember to get there early during exam season " the place fills up like Tim’s on a Monday morning!

UC: University College is the old building on top of UC Hill. Home to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, you’ll fall in love with its creaky old floors and stained glass windows.

UCC: The University Community Centre " Western’s student centre.Found across from Weldon Library, the UCC is the centre of Western. It’s the location of a number of retail outlets and student services including a cafeteria, fitness facilities, the Book Store, the Student Development Centre, a movie theatre, a drug store, two restaurants, and a number of club offices.

UC Hill: University College Hill is the grassy knoll with the pathway leading from Talbot College up the centre to University College. A hot spot for frosh week activities, the UC Hill is a favourite on campus.

In the Classroom:
Lab/Tutorial/Lecture: In a lecture, the professor teaches the main subject material to the entire class. Large lecture classes are divided into tutorial groups that meet later in the week. Often led by TAs, tutorials allow more time for student input and discussion. Labs, which are usually only for science courses, are time slots designated for working on specified in-class assignments.

Profs: See that blur at the front of the lecture hall, the one pointing to the projection on the wall and talking about Milton’s intentions in Paradise Lost? That’s your prof. He or she probably has a PhD and has been in school way longer than you, so pay attention!

TAs: Teacher’s assistants are the grad students who suck up to your profs, mark assignments, and often lead tutorials. If you’re intimidated by your prof, go see your TA " they’re usually pretty helpful, plus they understand what it’s like to be a student.

The City:
6 Richmond, 2 Dundas & 13 Wellington: These are the main bus routes running through campus; the Richmond travels south on Richmond St., the Wellington heads to Masonville Mall and the Dundas will take you south down Wharncliffe Road. Pick up bus route maps in the UCC near the front entrance. Take a look at our map on page 10 and 11 for a visual of where these routes lead.

Richmond Row: London’s best strip for shakin’ your groove thang! It’s a stretch between Oxford St. and Dundas St. where you’ll find the best and the most bars in London.

Masonville: This is the mall closest to campus. Inside you can find all your retail needs, plus it’s close to an LCBO and Beer Store. A quick bus ride or, in good weather, a nice stroll from campus, the Masonville Mall is a blessing to all you shopaholics.

Student ghetto: Centered in the neighbourhood behind Med-Syd, the student ghetto includes Huron, Broughdale, and Sunset Streets. and surrounding side streets near the main university gates. It is renowned for couches on porches, discarded beer cups on the front lawn, stolen street signs on the walls, flags for curtains, patio lanterns hanging year-round, and garbage at the curb.

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