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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Studying at the Quotes Café

Although scouting out the perfect spot to study shouldn’t be a concern during your first few weeks at Western, it will definitely come in handy during midterms.

Whether you like to study alone or in a group, with background noise or without, there is a place on and off-campus for you. And yes, most of the spots are close to caffeine.

The Usual Suspects
D.B. Weldon Library: Easily the most popular spot on campus to hit the books, Weldon is also Western’s largest library. This means there are many different places to study within Weldon depending on your needs. If you crave coffee, then Weldon’s Quotes Café may be the place for you. If you are looking to chat with classmates or conduct group work, then head to the second floor. Be warned that they don’t call this library “Club Weldon” for nothing. During exams, Weldon is a better place to see and be seen than Tap House. A good rule of thumb: the higher the floor, the quieter it gets.

A.B. Taylor Library: Located in the Natural Sciences building, Taylor Library is a good alternative for those looking to bypass the Club Weldon scene. Also equipped with a large coffee shop (Einstein’s Café), Taylor offers many secluded spots to hit the books in relative anonymity. This is the perfect place to get some work done between those famous first-year classes in Nat Sci 145.

Music Library: Although much smaller than Weldon and Taylor, the Music Library is a quiet, well-lit place to get a little reading done. Found on the second floor of Talbot College, this is an ideal place to study.

Affiliate College Libraries: Depending on where you live, one of the affiliate college libraries could be the perfect spot for you. Those living in Elgin Hall, Alumni House and Med-Syd are within a short walking distance of the King’s College Library " a clean, quiet study space just outside the Richmond Gates. On the other side of campus, the Huron and Brescia libraries are also good spots to get ’er done.

Elsewhere on Campus
Social Science Building: The couches and chairs on the second floor are a great getaway for someone who wants a serene and comfortable place to read or study. It is right outside several classrooms, so it’s quiet and people often read or nap here between classes.

University Community Centre: The UCC is fairly noisy, but can be a good place for group meetings. The second floor houses a couple of couches and tables that are less busy than the main eating area (Centrespot) in the building.

The Spoke: This is a good location for a group meeting or to read if you don’t mind a little noise. The couches are comfy and the food is good. After a job well done, those of age can toast with a beer.

The Wave: Food is always a good motivator and The Wave is an easy location to meet with group members and discuss project plans. A table for one is also an option if you like a better atmosphere than the library.

University College (UC) Hill: While the warm weather lasts, take advantage of the grass and sit and read under a tree. Wireless Internet access is available on the hill so laptop work can be done outside.

Residence Study Rooms: If studying late into the night or early in the morning, it is safer to stay in residence; visit a study room. There are group rooms and cubicle rooms to choose from and with everyone’s Weldon obsession, these rooms are often empty.

North Campus Building: With its own full service Tim Hortons, North Campus Building is a good place to do some reading and grab some lunch. Although it can be a little noisy between classes, NCB boasts lots of windows. “Natural light” may not seem like a huge draw when picking a study spot, but a few hours under Weldon’s fluorescent bulbs can leave you a little dazed.

Empty Classrooms: Often left unused throughout the day, empty classrooms can make quiet areas to study. This option will take some research, but once you learn the schedules, a classroom can be a great area that no one else knows about.

Around Town
London Public Library: If you’re looking for books to use for research, use Weldon or one of the libraries on campus first. But the public library is less busy and quieter than Weldon for reading.

Starbucks at Chapters (by Masonville Mall): For those who need a little caffeine to stay awake, the Starbucks in Chapters is a viable option. It is fairly quiet, and there are chairs and tables for working alone or in a group. It’s a simple bus ride to the mall and a two minute walk from there.

Williams Coffee Pub (on Richmond Street): This Williams is generally quieter than the Starbucks on Richmond, making it a better choice. Williams also boasts several large tables at the back, so space is not an issue.

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