A+: Bill Murray

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“I ended up stopping and dropping people off on the way like a bus. I had about six people in the [golf cart] and I dropped them off one at a time...”
"Bill Murray

After being pulled over by police while driving party guests home in a golf cart

While Stockholm police were busy accusing Murray of drinking and driving, he was doing his part to prevent driving under the influence.

While in Sweden for a pro-am golf tournament, Murray drove his cart to the afterparty and, when nobody volunteered to drive home, he stepped up to the tee.

Now his ass is on the line after refusing to take a breathalyzer test " let’s all hope his blood test comes back under the legal limit.

“They assumed I was drunk...” Murray said of the police. It’s a nice reception a guy gets when he tries to make the streets safer.

As long as Murray wasn’t drunk, kudos to the former Caddyshack star for stopping his friends from making a dangerous and potentially life-altering choice.

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