The Gazette Frosh Issue went too far

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Looking for love or lust in rez?” and “Botany”
Aug. 23, 2007

To the editor:
...I have always respected Western as a serious academic institution, and am proud of my school. That said, I am confused about the image Western wishes to put forth to the incoming undergraduate class.

While the editors may be at the point in their lives where they feel able to make autonomous decisions, their audience is a group of teenagers who are entering a new stage in their lives. The vulnerability involved in exposing yourself to a new group of peers, away from parents for the first time, means that pressures, temptations and tough decisions will be thrust upon them as they have never experienced before.

Having a student newspaper declare that easy sex and smoking pot are prevalent (and acceptable) university activities firmly pushes students two steps in the wrong direction.

I understand that the first edition of the year has to be hard-hitting to elicit the attention of new readers. That said, I attended the University of Ottawa for a number of years, and felt that the student newspaper there was able to be relevant and interesting without condoning risky and illegal behaviour.

A line was clearly crossed this year, and the writers, editors and school administration should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this edition to be published. This is not the school I am proud of...
"Nicholas Potvin
Medicine III

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