"Profiled" students should be more considerate

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Project Speakeasy sleeps with the fishes” and “Project LEARN should crash and burn”
Sept. 7, 2007

To the editor:
Am I supposed to feel bad for [Brian Herod] because the police shut down an illegal party since he happened to be a student and was “targeted”? He held an illegal party and then promoted it around a campus with an on-campus police force, and thinks that might be how the police found out about the event. I think he’s right " I think that’s definitely how they found out about it. Aside from the fact he didn’t have a liquor license to provide alcohol, having 400 people in a three-floor townhouse seems like a definite fire hazard and more than likely to elicit noise complaints from his neighbours. God forbid the police preemptively shut that down. Maybe he was targeted because he was a student. Maybe that’s because there aren’t many other people who would pay $2800 for beer and hope to make it up by illegally selling admission to a keg party.

The editorial “Project LEARN should crash and burn” also suggests this program “gives students a bad reputation.” Considering that we are represented in our own newspaper by such exemplars as Brian Herod, I think we as students are giving ourselves that bad reputation. As well, Project LEARN is not creating an adversarial relationship between students and Londoners " I think that the noise, debris and property destruction were doing all of that long before the program’s inception.

I agree “students have as much right as anyone else to enjoy themselves” in London, but I don’t think this enjoyment should come at the price of others’ enjoyment, and “heavy alcohol consumption and larger gatherings of people” have the tendency to do that. I don’t see how “responsible students” are being targeted. Responsible students are respectful of their neighbours’ need for a decent night’s sleep " neighbours who may even be students who need to get up to work so they can pay their tuition and rent " and are aware that being a responsible citizen involves consideration.
"Sabrina Nemis
English IV

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