Mouthing Off

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“It’s kind of hard to explain the buzz. I guess you would refer to it as ‘euphoric.’ It’s not like other drugs, like alcohol and weed.”
Social Science

“I’ve tried it and it’s probably over-hyped from what it actually is. It’s pretty much scatterbrain for 20 seconds and then you come back out of it.”
Media, Information and Technoculture III

“I’ve heard that you can take it and it gets you high for five minutes, and it’s super-crazy " that you giggle for five minutes and see things and then you’re fine.”
English IV

“I really don’t have any stance [whether it should be legal], because it’s more or less up to people’s choices...I’d have to say it’s fine " it’s up to people’s choices, and they have to make the choice whether to take the drug or not.”
Popular Music Studies II

“I’ve heard it’s not too harmful and it’s legal...I haven’t tried it yet, so if it is actually dangerous, [it should probably not be legal].”
Political Science and English III

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