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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“Good old street crime is one thing. It goes with the history of sports. But [the New England Patriots’ signal-stealing scandal] lifts it to a new level of electronic surveillance and into the realm of the hi-tech, white-collar crime that we all hate. Put these guys on the business page, for God’s sake. There’s no place for them in sports.”
"Paul Zimmerman
Sports Illustrated columnist, football visionary

Good for Dr. Z calling CameraGate what it is " cheating in sports’ transition from athletes breaking the rules to systematic efforts by entire franchises.

We’ve learned to deal with individual athletes using steroids, corked bats and Sudafed, but when the Man is getting in on the immorality, we’ve gone too far.

High-level corporate crime might cut it in the business world, but sports should be our escape " let’s leave corporate scandals at the office.

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