Parents should be given the option to abort

Is abortion murder or a woman's choice?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Against abortion? Fine. That’s your view. But don’t force it on everyone. Abortion is an option that should be available so informed parents can make the right choice for them.

Who, you ask, will stand up for the fetus? I don’t pretend to know what the fetus wants, but I do have enough faith in humanity’s intelligence to trust that the people old enough to have sex are also old enough to weigh the options and decide what is best for both them and the child.

Of course, there’s the argument that abortion is murder and, therefore, should be prohibited. I hesitate to apply the social and moral arguments behind murder to abortion.

If we suddenly decided to allow people to kill, pillage and rape whenever they pleased, not only would human lives be at stake, but civilization and order as well. Practicing abortion, while it’s not something I’d like to see a lot of, will certainly not reduce our organized world to shambles.

Additionally, it’s still debatable whether or not abortion is actually killing a human. Does a beating heart constitute a human life, or does a walking and breathing child have rights? It’s a gray area, and you can’t condemn something based on speculation.

True, in aborting the collection of cells that could become a human, you take away the opportunity for the development of a person with the potential for a good life.

But putting up your child up for adoption doesn’t guarantee the child is going to live happily ever after either. There’s a high risk the child will be bounced from one foster home to another for most of his or her youth.

Let’s think about taking responsibility for a minute. Pro-lifers often claim by putting up your child for adoption, you’re making the responsible choice. But carrying a child for nine months and then passing it off as someone else’s problem isn’t what I’d call responsible. Even if you decide to keep the baby, odds are he or she will be brought into a forced and unprepared family life.

The fact is, there’s no perfect solution to an unwanted child. But poor circumstances happen and it’s a choice we should leave up to the individual.

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