Abortion is immoral in any circumstance

Is abortion murder or a woman's choice?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Call it ethical imperialism if you want, but in the pro-life versus pro-choice debate, there is only one right moral choice: having the baby.

Unfortunately for many of the women involved, it isn’t the easy answer, but what’s right isn’t always easy.

Some say abortion is the best choice in certain situations. Perhaps the baby is the offspring of a rape victim, or will be born into a life of poverty or foster care. Then again, the child could be raised by a loving foster family.

As for abortion, there is one clear outcome: the child doesn’t have a chance at life.

While it’s only fair to look at things from the parent’s perspective, not all unplanned pregnancies result from tragic situations. Often abortion acts as back-up birth control when pregnancy puts a roadblock on a woman’s career-path or social life.

Some women adhere to the “it’s my body, I do what I want” mantra. But this flippant attitude falls short when another human life enters the equation. Moreover, this perspective shows morbid insensitivity to the miracle of conception.

Don’t get me wrong. I sympathize with any woman who hears the devastating news a human being is growing inside her at the wrong time, with the wrong guy, under the wrong circumstances.

The thing is, two wrongs don’t make a right " and abortion is as undeniably wrong as shooting a fully-grown human being.

While abortion may appear to be the best decision for both a mother and child for a myriad of potential reasons, cutting short a human life is morally reprehensible. The bravest thing any woman could do is have the baby regardless how dire the circumstances of its conception.

Some argue there is a specific point when a clump of cells becomes a baby and until then, abortion is fair game. But who are we to decide where to draw the line?

If nothing else, there is far too much grey area to define a time when it’s okay to pull the plug on a pregnancy. So let’s make it black-and-white: just don’t have an abortion.

It’s not an easy decision, but in the end, women still have the legal option to choose. I just hope they make the right moral choice.

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