PrideWestern slogan promoting "love is love"

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “PrideWestern using chalk inappropriately”
Oct. 17, 2007

To the editor:
If someone finds “Hate is not a family value” to be a negative message, then its positive counter-message would logically be inferred to be “Hate IS a family value”.

It’s blatantly obvious that “Love is love” was PrideWestern’s chalking message this year. It can be seen in messages like “Love is universal,” “Gay or straight? Both are great!” and “People are people. Family is family. Love is love.”

I fail to see how “Hate is not a family value” is not informative; it opens eyes to the fact many adults are teaching children hate and discrimination are acceptable.

I ask everyone here at Western, what is wrong with promoting a little more love in the world?
"Timothy Huckstable
Arts and Humanities IV

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