Slogan helps families think about coming out

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “PrideWestern using chalk inappropriately”
Oct. 17, 2007

To the editor:
“Hate is not a family value.”

I thought the message was pretty clever. It’s provocative, positive and has depth. It makes you stop and think for longer than three seconds.

The family is simultaneously the safest and most dangerous place. Coming out is always a terrifying experience: it’s terrifying because your family may hate you afterwards.

To the LGBTQ, the message reminds them hate isn’t a family value and they deserve to be accepted. To the family, it’s a reminder hate isn’t a family value and they should be loving and compassionate. I thought it was obvious the message spoke about the process of coming out.

It’s a pun. It’s not actually promoting hatred " it is promoting acceptance. After all, if hatred isn’t a family value, then acceptance must be. How can acceptance be a negative, unnecessary, uninformative thing? Would you rather have chalk messages that are safe and incompetent, such as “Please accept homosexuality”?
"Tim Yeung

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