Abortion debates rehash old arguments

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Is abortion murder or a woman’s choice?”
Oct. 19, 2007

To the editor:
I find myself frustrated by what feels like reading the same arguments for the 100th time. Both writers bring up good points on each side of the issue " in fact, I commend Lauren Pelley for making a rational argument without bringing religious ideology into the equation " but alas, both their arguments are circular. Abortion has always been a tricky issue, from a social and political level, for every argument one brings up, the other can refute it.

I’m tired of reading about this issue and hearing the tired rhetoric surrounding women’s rights and poverty versus living from conception and morality.

In order for one side or the other to actually start winning over public opinion, they’ve got to research the social effects of abortion versus life, rather than fall back on arguments that have been exercised over and over.

I look forward to the person who one day brings up a point on either side of the issue that is convincing and fresh.

There’s more to the issue than just what’s being repeated, but until it is explored, don’t expect anyone on the fence to come running to either side of the debate.
"Mark Drewe
Film Studies IV

Re: “Is abortion murder or a woman’s choice?”
Oct. 19, 2007

To the editor:
Not to undermine the importance of talking about abortion, but I think this argument is superfluous.

This fight has been going on for ages, and it still isn’t getting anywhere. Like both the writers from Friday’s issue said, abortion is a grey area.

For one thing, it’s an entirely moral issue " either you believe abortion is wrong, or you don’t. Each side has such deeply established opinions that any debate about abortion quickly turns into a screaming match to see which side can get the most offended.

Personally, I am fiercely pro-life. I could write a long pro-life argument, but when it comes down to it, these are just my feelings. This piece isn’t about why I feel that way; besides, most of what can be said has been said already.

Simply, it’s my personal choice. I also believe I have no right to take that choice away from anyone else. I would never abort a child (unless my life was threatened), but I would also never try to force that decision on somebody else.

What bothered me the most about last week’s protesters (shown in the page one photo of The Gazette, Tues. Oct. 16) was they were forcing their opinions on others (not to mention dragging their innocent children out to protest). Of course you have to get your opinion out there, but this is a very controversial issue.

Call me cynical, but with such an emotionally charged situation you’re never going to change anybody’s mind. What people arguing for or against abortion really need to do is to try to respect the other side, no matter how wrong you think they are and realize sometimes people just don’t agree.

It’s perfectly fine to be angry with somebody for choosing to have an abortion " it makes me incredibly upset " but you can’t take that right away from them.

You also always have to take the circumstances into consideration. What I’d rather do, instead of trying to change people’s minds, is spread awareness about abortion, about the value of life and especially about the trauma for the ex-mother afterwards.

But that’s just me.
"Leah Schoenmakers
English II

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