Pro-life ignores unwanted pregnancy effects

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Is abortion murder or a woman’s choice?”
Oct. 19, 2007

To the editor:
To say the only right choice is to have a baby when it is unwanted displays a shocking lack of education about the physical, psychological and socio-economic stress a woman seeking an abortion is under. The lack of empathy towards a woman making this choice is appalling.

Choosing to abort is not a subject taken lightly by women and the attitude that women walk around having abortions like they throw away candy wrappers is offensive.

Abortion is indeed a form of birth control " on what planet is it not? It is used when a condom breaks, the pill doesn’t work, a woman has been raped or a mother of three cannot support a fourth. Because a woman might experience these things among a never-ending list of any other reason to seek an abortion, does this mean she must carry a pregnancy to term since it is someone else’s opinion that it’s the right thing to do? Pregnancy is not a woman’s punishment for having sex!

Instead of shaming women who exercise the right to choose, I suggest the pro-life side place its energies behind more comprehensive sexual education, counselling services and greater access, regardless of socio-economic standing, to birth control like condoms, the Pill (also in the works for men), injections, IUDs, and the morning-after pill.

This is something we can all get behind to minimize unwanted pregnancies, as well as lower the prevalence of STIs. This will help our citizens be healthier both physically and psychologically.

I am proud and glad to live in a country where women have the legal right to choose or not choose abortion.
"Christine Demore
Psychology & Women’s Studies III

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