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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “PrideWestern using chalk inappropriately”
Oct. 17, 2007

To the editor:
From the number of responses generated, it seems my previous letter requires some clarification.

I believe a number of people missed the point I was trying to make with regard to the chalk slogan “hate is not a family value.” I would like to say I am not a hateful person, and I disagree strongly with those people who use hateful messages and signs to promote any moral or religious view.

I particularly apologize to Christina Testa if you experienced the kind of marginalization and hatred you described in your letter.

The point of my original letter was in fact to argue against this very thing. I believe strongly in people putting aside the barriers they create and working together to reach a consensus.

I argued the slogan “hate is not a family value” is not conducive to this and I stand by that statement. This also goes for any hateful signs or messages displayed against the gay community or any minority group.

Please see my intended argument was not in support of, or against, any particular side in this issue. It was simply that we as a community " especially an academic community " need to work together to end the mischaracterization of viewpoints, so rather than having these straw man arguments we can move forward on important issues.
"Jon Elliott
Medical Biophysics & Physiology IV

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