Library assholes piss off high-strung student

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Do you know why Western will never be ranked number one?

I’ll tell you why: because the assholes in the library won’t shut the fuck up and let people study for their economics midterms.

Apparently, “quiet study area” really means “place where you can make noise without any repercussions because disregard for courtesy is the leading student attitude here at Western.”

There are assholes in Lululemon pants on the fifth floor of Weldon who think it’s okay to eat chips in the quiet study area. I have news for you assholes: chips, when chewed on, are really loud and distracting.

Then, there are assholes on the first floor study area who believe that pressing the “Enter” or “Spacebar” key with extra emphasis makes for better “entering” and “spacing.” It doesn’t, assholes.

There are assholes on the third floor who believe when in a “quiet study area”, whispering is not as distracting as talking. Newsflash, assholes: it is, especially when you articulate the “s” sound.

Recently, there was an asshole on the fourth floor in a quiet study area playing around with her combination lock, making that annoying dial-turning noise, for at least 15 minutes. Thanks for ruining my day, you self-absorbed asshole.

There are assholes on the fourth floor who think talking on their cell phone for “just a couple of minutes” is okay. I hope these assholes get hit by a Mack truck one day as they drive and talk on their cell phone for “just a couple of minutes.” I wish I had gone to a school where students understand studying in a public place implies a sacrifice of personal luxuries.

The priority is collective comfort and facility, not the individual. The only way that can be achieved is if individuals stop acting like assholes. Best student experience at Western? Bullshit.
"Israr Ahmad
Economics IV

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