Relativistic views are still forced on everyone

Abortion still controversial ... go figure

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Is abortion murder or a woman’s choice?”
Oct. 16, 2007

To the editor:
A relativistic point of view is self-defeating. To say “don’t force your view on everyone” is to do just that. For example, apply this same logic to other present-day situations that face us, such as poverty, war and violence. I think many people, myself included, would consider it our responsibility as human beings to act in whatever way possible to alleviate these social ills. I doubt anyone would suggest I am forcing my view on others by saying this.

The suggestion that people are capable of weighing the options and knowing what the best decision is does not fit with our society’s understanding of sex.

When it comes to sex, we seem to forget there is always the possibility of conceiving a child despite the use of protection. Often this consequence is not addressed until after the fact.

If, as according to Bernstien’s article, we can trust those old enough to have sex are also old enough to weigh the options, why does conception never appear to be directly addressed before sex occurs?

I don’t place complete blame on the couple involved for not fully acknowledging the possibility of conception, as our society is one that values instant gratification above responsible and considerate action.

To address the claim abortion does not affect our “organized world,” I would add that as a pro-life advocate I am constantly aware many of my generation are simply not here because they have not been granted a chance at life.

Lastly, I would like to address the issue of the humanity of the unborn child. We often try to find something that defines our humanity. However, by trying to find specific attributes that make us human, we inevitably exclude someone or an entire group of humans in our world.
"Sarah Gleeson
Sociology & Religion IV
King’s Live for Life Club

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