Dark-haired Asian wields wit, penis, not gun

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Israr Ahmad is the real asshole in the library”
Oct. 30, 2007

To the editor:
Here I was, thinking I would be widely applauded for my criticism of noise in the library " that The Gazette office would be flooded with letters of agreement written on bras and lace panties addressed to me.

However, the point was missed by some.

Kat, for example, in her infinite wisdom, fears because I get annoyed by distractions in the study area, I’ll be the next Cho Seung-Hui, the gunman who killed 33 people at Virginia Tech last year. The similarities are eerie, because I too am an Asian with dark hair and a penis.

I’m glad that she’s decided to “[stay] clear of Western for the next few weeks”; one less asshole in Lululemon pants I’ll have to look at with contempt.

I tried to use the wholesome goodness of comedy and unconventional examples to convey a point: we should be quiet in the study area and minimize distractions.

I realize it’s a revolutionary idea, and will thus face initial derision and criticism from silly non-thinkers before its inevitable acceptance. But, as adults, let’s all accept it before a mean librarian is needed to maintain discipline. That would be embarrassing.
"Israr Ahmad
Economics IV

To the editor:
I am surprised The Gazette would at once publish a headline entitled “Israr Ahmad is the real asshole in the library” and a letter that alludes to similarities between his rant and the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Slick move. If he’s nuts, it might provoke him. If he’s not, then you’ve made an unwarranted and nasty accusation.

Why slander his name? Because he wrote a satirical letter, shocking in its use of profanity, which touched on goings-on many of us have taken issue with at one point or another? I am appalled at the very personal attack that The Gazette made on his character in printing such a headline.

Library chatter is annoying and inconsiderate. Eating chips in the library is not only against school regulations, but also obnoxious. Ringing cell phones are a big no-no in any kind of public area or situation where respect for others is called for.

And as far as noisy computer use goes, I have noticed nasty looks from more than one individual when I have shown excessive exuberance in my clicking during random computer games. Stress levels run high during exam time and our respect for others is generally lacking in the library.

I find the tendency to attack the individual rather than attack the “offending content” of the letter disturbing. Amandeep Rai insinuated he was an asshole, Alex Lindsay called him a ranting, raving, whining lunatic, and “Kat” mentioned concern that he might attack students in Weldon in a way similar to what happened at Virginia Tech.

You should all be relieved to know he is only crazy enough to think students at Western would be able to laugh at what was an insightful and delightfully exaggerated response to our appalling library etiquette.
"Lauren Posloski
Philosophy V

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