Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“One of the problems with the current doping landscape is that so many athletes have proffered excuses " vanishing twins, flaxseed oil, mislabeled supplements, whatever it was [Floyd Landis] was trying to assert " that alibis are dismissed by the general public. Inasmuch as she is innocent, [Martini Hingis] must really hate [Marion Jones] and Rafael Palmeiro right about now.”
"Jon Wertheim
SI.com Columnist

Wertheim deserves credit for accurately summing up the sports world’s drug climate.

With any athlete who fails a drug test finding excuses for their innocence and no viable way to validate their claims, fans are left to decide who’s guilty and who’s innocent.

While the evidence of the cases are the same in scenarios such as Hingis’ and Jones’, as well as those of athletes such as Landis, Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong, the credibility of doping allegations is determined entirely by fan and media perceptions.

Until that changes, doping allegations will never be effective or fair.

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