MSM activists aren't being silenced

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Last Friday, Canadian Blood Services held a forum where its MSM policy was to be discussed for its merits and shortcomings. In attendance, as was expected, were student activists seeking to change (or perhaps just vent at) Health Canada’s policy for reasons anyone not living in a cave has heard at least a dozen times by now.

What has not been pointed out enough is how these students are equating a health issue with one of political correctness.

Members of a newly-formed campus group, Standing Against Queer Discrimination, stood up and declared they would not be “silenced.”

I can put this in no simpler words: get over yourselves.

This issue has been front cover news on campus along with the everlasting abortion debate for almost a month. CBS held a forum to listen to your side of the story. How exactly are you being silenced?

Or was this ridiculous charge raised for little more than shock value? Getting anything less than what you want is not tantamount to being oppressed by the government. Don’t confuse the two.
"Matthew Prime

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