Campus accepts student cadets

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Proud to serve, hesitant to speak”
Nov. 9, 2007

To the editor:
Thank you for publishing the article about those three Officer Cadets this past Friday, as well as your other pieces on Remembrance Day. I too am a serving member of the Canadian Forces attending Western under subsidization, and I greatly appreciated the article.

In regards to the allegation there is a stigma against student-soldiers: I am actually pleasantly surprised by the response I usually receive when I tell people I am in the CF.

Like the [cadets] in the article, I try not to advertise it, but when people ask me what I plan to do after school, I’m honest with them.

I have gotten some very positive feedback, including some outright ‘thank-you’s.’ I’ve had some questions asked of me, some direct and abrasive, but just as many asking for information on joining.

I’ve even had some heated ethical discussions, but nothing I felt was disrespectful.

So thank you, The Gazette, for spotlighting those three serving members. Thank you, Western, for making a fourth person feel accepted into this community.

And thank you again to all the students and faculty who wore poppies and observed a moment of silence on Remembrance Day to remember not only the veterans who died in war for the freedom of generations past, but also the young men and women who anonymously and tirelessly fight overseas to this day for the freedom of people across the globe.
"Mike Bennett
BMOS-Aviation I

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