Cut beer-bringing barbacks some slack

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ever wonder who the sweating, swearing guy carting around three cases of beer at the bar is? Didn’t think so.

Meet the barback, the bar’s most important employee. After all, you can’t serve drinks without beer and without beer there are no any customers.

I think there’s one myth about barbacks that should be addressed. We are not in love with our “high-paying” jobs. Any barback who says he loves his job is either new or lying. We have to deal with drunks who feel they don’t have to move for us, who think trying to trip us or tickle us is brilliant.

Either of those activities will test the patience of a beer runner and will likely end in a large quantity of leftover drinks being dropped on you.

Oh, and if you take violent offense to being covered in sludge, or think we’re rude, don’t assume we’ll hesitate to get your drunk ass kicked out. Sorry, but we have more important things to worry about than hurting your feelings.

We don’t like our jobs to begin with, but if you make it harder we will definitely hate you. We get minimum tips on top of minimum wage and don’t need your bullshit making it worse.

I don’t completely hate my job. Maybe part of me wants you to enjoy getting drunk. Maybe I do it for the staff I work with. Either way, all barbacks work hard. So shut up, make way, and enjoy your beer.

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