"Fat-asses" should reclaim Richmond Row

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Don’t let friends discriminate”
Nov. 15, 2007

To the editor:
Meghan Adams’ experience of homophobia on Richmond Row brought up some bad memories.

Not every student at Western is able to take part in the club/bar/partying scene during their first time away from home. This is because of the hatred being spewed on Richmond Row. I have personally avoided that street after dark since what happened to my friend and I last year.

Apparently only thin, heterosexual women are allowed to inhabit that sphere. In the course of an hour of bar-hopping, my friend and I were ridiculed three times, while walking down Richmond Street, by groups of male twenty-somethings for being fat.

Now if I must be in that area at night, I take the side streets " which are not safe " to avoid the self-esteem-crushing humiliation I faced that night.

Maybe us “lesbos” and “fat-asses” should reclaim the mysogynistic (since only women who satisfy masculine, heterosexual ideals of attractiveness are allowed to go there) and homophobic space known as Richmond Row.
"Carla Vendramin Claus
Women’s Studies IV

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