The Purple Spur puts the 'fan' in fanatic

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Purple Spur

Photo courtesy of the Purple Spur

TIME IS NEVER WASTED WHEN YOU'RE WASTED ALL OF THE TIME. When it comes to school spirit, it's an all-hands-on deck affair.

Fanaticism is typically associated with excessive political or religious zeal and is usually stigmatized.

But at last Saturday’s hockey game against Brock, it was actually a good thing.

On a chilly Nov. 17 evening, a small, yet brave band of Western students from the Purple Spur Society embarked on a trip to St. Catharines to cheer on the men’s team as it squared off against the Brock Badgers.

In what was to be a stellar sporting event, Western students showed just how serious they are about their university and their sports teams.

From the start, the tension was palpable, as the arena was filled to near-capacity with a sea of red. Almost immediately after entering the arena, Western was greeted with a volley of taunts.

Yet underneath these scoffs, Brock fans stood nervously and rumbled with hostility. This only strengthened Western fans’ resolve as the score at the end of the first period was 3-1 for the visitors.

The entire second period looked like a segment of MTV’s Yo Mama with both sides ripping into each other without remorse.

Maybe it was the excitement of being outside the Western bubble; maybe it was the booze. But when Western netted its fourth goal, there was pandemonium from the visiting fans.

The look on Brock fans’ faces when they heard the legendary (albeit now-defunct) Saugeen-Maitland chant, “Who loves the cock? Brock loves the cock!” and “Brock flips burgers / We get money!” sung to the tune of 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” was priceless.

Several brave Badgers fans, undoubtedly drunk, managed to work their way within the lion’s den " Western’s cheering section " and fought back with jeers. Did these courageous beings receive the beat-down of their lives?

No. In fact, we rejoiced in the heated rivalry. It is part of the game; what truly makes a sporting event a spectacle is this fisticuffs-free competition.

Things were looking good for Western until midway through the third period. Brock answered right back with a barrage of offensive maneuvers and two goals, bringing the score to 4-3.

At this point, tensions ran high as the remaining minutes of the third frame wound down and Western was awarded a penalty.

At this moment, the small band of Western students " staring in the face of a potentially crushing defeat " unleashed a frenzied barrage of chants while banging on the glass incessantly.

It paid off.

Western forced a turnover in its end. Top-line forward Kevin Richardson made an impressive dangle and fired the biscuit top corner.

Imagine the scene in Mighty Ducks where Charlie Conway scores the winner with the crowd rushing out in a frenzy to congratulate the team. It was like that, only Emilio Estevez.

It was an exciting game to watch and was a true testament of Western’s unrelenting spirit; the great pride we take in our institution. Keep it Purple and Proud.

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