Can't criticize Gazette for criticizing volunteers

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “HYPE critique ignoring its members’ work”
Nov. 21, 2007

I in no way agree with the approach The Gazette took in criticizing HYPE.

While it’s entirely acceptable for a student newspaper to criticize University Students’ Council initiatives, I disagree with the implications made about Chris Reynolds.

This is at least the second time I have seen The Gazette attack Reynolds out of hand for something he volunteered to do. They are in part responsible for his presidential loss, due to their scathing critique of his campaign last year, and have now decided to make their HYPE critique a personal attack on his capabilities.

Reynolds has gone above and beyond the call of involvement, and has made personal sacrifices for Western that we as a student body should be thankful for. He exemplifies what it means to be a tireless, selfless volunteer, and has done more community work than the majority of Western students.

That said, HYPE executive Lauren Aitchison’s letter on Nov. 21 was the worst press HYPE has received so far. To state HYPE is exempt from criticism for being a volunteer organization and then attack The Gazette, a mostly unpaid volunteer organization, is downright hypocritical.

Aitchison’s closing statement “I suggest you have a little more faith in the students who pay your salary in the first place” was snotty, uncalled for and a poor representation of how a student leader should communicate.

Maybe from now on, Aitchison should leave her hype with the street team and out of The Gazette.
"Graham Brown
B.A. Political Science

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