Scientologists help more than their critics do

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Shocker: Britney Spears is still a bad mother, driver”
Nov. 22, 2007

To the editor:
I noticed the entry in the Arts and Entertainment section Thursday that joked about Will Smith’s comments on Scientology.

There is a lot of false information about Scientology floating around. It rather baffles an actual Scientologist when they read about what some people say Scientology is.

The simplicity is Scientologists believe human beings are spiritual in nature, that they are basically good and can become more aware of their own spirituality and abilities and be better for it.

Scientology provides a precise method to accomplish that. Scientologists are good, honest people, working hard to make this world a more honest, safe and prosperous place. Scientologists believe you should take responsibility for the world around you and help it to be better off.

At every Church of Scientology on the planet, you will find people volunteering their time on drug education campaigns for youth, volunteer ministries to assist those having trouble in life, literacy campaigns, drug rehabilitation and criminal reform. That’s not to mention the human rights campaign Scientologists promote, ensuring every human being’s human rights are kept intact, including the right to your own opinion, which, I might add, is the reason you can even get away with deriding my religion in your article.

All the other nonsense is made up by people who do nothing to help the world, instead spending their time making up rumours about celebrities. They can blog all they want " a Scientologist prefers to spend their time with their sleeves rolled up assisting their fellow man.

Public service announcements created to promote human rights and tolerance and to help kids find out about what drugs will really do to them, show what most Scientologists spend their time working on.

Nobody has to believe in the same religion as anyone else " but they can at least respect and understand each other.
"Angela Ilasi
Social Reform Director
Church of Scientology

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