Dre's argument has serious imperfections

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Weed not as harmful as Aleks, government claim”
Nov. 23, 2007

To the editor:
Dre’s entire argument is ridiculous. He claims governments decide whether drugs are legal or not, and says governments make mistakes because of pressure from wholesome and God-fearing lobby groups such as the temperance movement.

I’m not sure if Dre remembers this, but the government was elected by the people, so it must represent the people’s opinions. Although most Canadians don’t want marijuana to be criminalized, our elected government took the liberty of letting us know that we do want it criminalized, because we elected the government and that’s its policy.

He is also a hypocrite, because after bashing governments for making weed illegal, he endorses a “notable study” commissioned by disgraced ex-President Richard Nixon. Turns out that the government is bad when you disagree with its policies, but good when you like what it has to say.

As for his engineer friends who smoke in their downtime, he admits they’re criminals because they “break the law once in a while.” No wonder he’s so quick to defend others like Ryan.

I wonder if Dre wants to be a doctor " reminds me of an album called The Chronic.

Finally, he tells us “the LD50 (toxicology term for ‘lethal dose’) of cannabis is lower than aspirin, alcohol, and nicotine.” Wouldn’t this imply that weed is more harmful than cigarettes, alcohol or aspirin? Checkmate.
"Aleks Gertzman
Medical Science 2007

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