Biased Gauss forcing his own views on King's

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “King’s student council motions to ban CBS”
Nov. 29, 2007

To the editor:
I am disappointed King’s [University College] Student Council President Ryan Gauss has taken it upon himself to pass a motion to ban Canadian Blood Services from King’s campus. As a King’s student, I feel he has taken his personal feelings about CBS and imposed them on the entire King’s student population.

Gauss is entitled to his own opinions; I applaud him for taking a stand on his beliefs. But that’s exactly what they are " his beliefs, not King’s as a whole.

As the KUCSC President, it is Gauss’ job to represent the voice of his fellow classmates " I forgot providing a voice to the people actually means talking to no one on campus. When was Gauss planning to officially notify the students at King’s " after the motion was passed?

With all due respect to The Gazette, a small article on Gauss’ motion hardly qualifies as reaching out to the King’s community. If anything, I feel like Gauss has taken a backhanded approach to a very important issue.

For a campus that prides itself on a sense of community, Gauss has tainted that image and is doing an excellent job of turning a supposed democracy into a dictatorship.
"Karen Carranza
French II

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