PrideWestern driving student into the closet

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
When I came to Western this year, I was excited about being open about my sexuality. It is safe to say I was disappointed.

I understand PrideWestern’s stated goal is to foster an inclusive campus, but I feel it really ends up missing the mark. Somehow I’ve ended up being driven further into the closet.

In my first semester at Western, PrideWestern, Standing Against Queer Discrimination and associated groups managed to create controversy over a multitude of things " Canadian Blood Services’ MSM policy, wet/dry events at the Wave and chalk graffiti come to mind.

Nothing has been resolved regarding these issues and those complaining have come across as whiney and self-aggrandizing. Instead of actually fostering a healthier campus environment by championing these causes, these organizations fail to see they are just further polarizing students.

I don’t want to be special, recognized, give blood, shit rainbows or watch a drag show. I just want to keep my head down, go to class and not have to worry about what storm-in-a-teacup accusations of homophobia The Gazette will run this week.

I’m anticipating a lot of accusations of self-loathing and Tennessee Williams quotes from all the oh-so-enlightened homosexuals.
Science I

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