Devoted Gauss right to put CBS motion forward

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Biased Gauss forcing his own views on King’s”
Dec. 5, 2007

To the editor:
To my surprise I picked up the final 2007 issue of The Gazette only to see a letter to the editor regarding Ryan Gauss, the current King’s University College Students’ Council President.


As a former King’s student who helped Gauss with his election campaign, I was shocked and therefore contacted friends still enrolled at King’s. The response received was what I expected. Not only did these students not agree with Karen Carranza’s letter, they were shocked that a President who works as hard as Gauss, is as results-oriented and passionate was under attack by someone they had never even heard of.

Since I have known Gauss he has always been a strong leader, someone who would never settle for second best. He always put the people he was representing first and the dedication he has shown, and continues to show, makes me wonder how he is still standing.

I truly hope that when Carranza wrote that letter she was not trying to attack the character of Ryan Gauss. In my opinion, he has brought the Canadian Blood Services issue up for discussion and the KUCSC is taking on this hot topic. Good on them for taking on an issue other people wish to dance around!
"Robert Carducci

To the editor:
I read the letter to the editor submitted by Karen Carranza, and I must say how appalled I was that The Gazette would publish such propaganda, which was primarily targeted at the character of Ryan Gauss.

As a fellow King’s student, I question whether or not Carranza attended a KUCSC meeting before she decided to send her opinions to a student newspaper.

She neglected to mention Gauss consulted several students, and was bringing the topic forward so a decision could be made to benefit all students.

Since Carranza is only in second year, maybe she doesn’t remember what the KUCSC was like before. Gauss has effectively and tirelessly protected the student reputation in London, fought to regain street parking for King’s, was the reason the police changed the name of project SpeakEasy, brought in such dignitaries as Ralph Nader and David Suzuki and turned the KUCSC around with his executive. He is always seeking to put the King’s student first. That’s more than I can say about other student leaders at Western!

Ms. Carranza, what is your definition of a dictatorship?
"Adam Bishop
King’s University College
History IV

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