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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

January 11, 2008 Ed Cartoon

The New Year invites many resolutions and best-of lists. Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary is holding a crucial online vote to determine the Word of the Year 2007.

Voters will choose from a list of 85 words including some topical words like globesity â€" the problem of rising obesity around the globe â€" and Chindia â€" a noun to describe to the emerging economic power and strategic importance of China and India, and some social words like floordrobe â€" the use of the floor as a substitute wardrobe.

If readers are the journalist’s fish sticks, then words are the journalist’s bread and butter. Consequently, with any talk of new words being coined, we at The Gazette are weak in the knees with anticipation.

We chose words that best encapsulated this past year or those that have become a larger part of our lexicon and some just because they make us giggle.

In the spirit of the Aussies’ creativity, here are a few gems:

1. Tanorexia: noun Have tanned skin,and a person believes they are never tanned enough. Tanorexics are distinguishable by their leathery, radioactive orange or brown skin, heavily mascaraed eyelashes, penciled-in eyebrows and burnt blonde hair. Some leave orange marks on clothes and furniture.

2. Floordrobe: noun We loved this entry because it totally encapsulated all the incomprehensible slobs working in the Gazette office. The way we figure it, you only really need a path running from your bed, to your desk, to your bedroom door. The rest is valuable clothes real estate.

3. Tase: verb Used in the now infamous exclamation: “Don’t tase me bro!” by Andrew Meyer, a student at the University of Florida, in September at a John Kerry speech. Tase has moved into our lexicon due to the volume of taser incidents this year.

4. Faceblocked: verb The crushing reality of requesting a friend on Facebook, and never getting that “Friend Approval.” Thankfully, Facebook doesn’t notify you when you’ve been shut down. If it did, our editors would have zero self-esteem.

5. Onomanopoeia: noun The skill all men have to mimic the sounds of vehicles and bodily functions. All the Gazette men can do uncanny impressions of bodily functions, including a disturbingly real fapping noise. Bottomline: boys are disgusting. Eww.

Honourable mention goes to our new word: spandemic.

Spandemic: noun Refers to the overabundance of spandex leggings or tights and misconception they are pants and attractive. Unfortunately Western is experiencing a spandemic. Too many girls have been stuffed like sausages into footless leggings that create bulges in all the wrong spots. You know you have a spandemic when love handles and camel toes are rampant.

We hope you find these terms enlightening and belly-warming. If not, go grab yourself some Voltaire and a latté. But not before you add these words to your lexicon.

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