(There's a) screw loose at Alibi

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
I would like to relate a recent experience from the Alibi Roadhouse.

After a night of drinks and good times, my girlfriend, another friend and I travelled to the Alibi in search of a cheap breakfast. Upon arrival, the place was completely empty and we were left to seat ourselves.

Shortly after seating, the waitress showed up and we all placed our orders. My friend ordered bacon and eggs, while my girlfriend and I ordered omelets.

The service was alright and the food came out within a reasonable time. We were enjoying the meal, talking and reminiscing about the previous night. When I took the third bite of my omelet, I bit down on something hard and metallic.

Initially, I thought it might be an earring (which would be gross as well) but upon spitting it out it turned out to be a screw! Disgusting! It was a relatively thick metal screw approximately one inch in length. I almost vomited as soon as I came to this realization.

Immediately, my friends and I stopped eating the food and became thoroughly disgusted with the thought of how the food was prepared. How did a screw end up in my omelet? There are many places that I would expect to find a screw, but the kitchen is not one of them.

Even if a screw were to be on the kitchen counter, one would hope it would be avoided and a recently cleaned area would be devoted to the preparation of food. I can only speculate what else may have been on the surface my food was prepared on. Maybe some metal shards to go along with the screw or WD-40? The thought of it makes me shudder.

Upon departure, I was not charged for my bill; however, the waitress did not even offer to have the other bills covered. I was in such a state of shock and disgust I didn’t argue. We paid for the two meals and left the Alibi with no intention of ever returning.

Don’t be lured by the restaurant’s cheap food " it’s cheap for a reason.
"Andrew Lockey
Master’s Science I

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