Showing skin saved chickens

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Bikini-clad chick protests KFC”
Dec. 5, 2007

To the Editor:
If students [look online], they’ll understand why I volunteered to stand in front of the Dundas Street Kentucky Fried Chicken in a bikini on a freezing-cold day.

[According to PETA and Kentucky Fried] chickens raised for KFC are crammed by the tens of thousands into filthy, dark sheds where they have barely enough room to spread a wing.

Former employees of a chicken-catching company in Canada have testified KFC’s chickens suffer broken bones when they’re thrown into transport crates for slaughter. At the slaughterhouses, their throats are cut and they are often scalded alive in the de-feathering tanks.

Five of KFC’s animal welfare advisors have resigned out of frustration with the company’s lack of progress on animal welfare. Dr. Ian Duncan, a former University of Guelph professor and North America’s leading expert on bird welfare, described his experience as an advisor to the Guelph Mercury:

“Progress was extremely slow, which is why I resigned ... it was always going to be happening later. They just put off actually creating standards ... I suspect that upper management didn’t really think animal welfare was important.”

It is cold wearing a bikini in Canada in the middle of winter, but if exposing some of my skin will help expose KFC’s cruelty to chickens, it’s worth it. I ask everyone else to boycott KFC until the company agrees to treat chickens less cruelly.
"Nicole Matthews
Activist Liaison, KFC Boycott

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