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Declining schools will affect university

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

When I went it seemed like I got a pretty good education [in high school]. I was pretty satisfied with the quality of teachers there, and, I guess, the variety of different programs the school had to offer. I was pretty thankful that after the whole strike the extra-curriculars came back ... it was a good experience.
"Jonathan Birinyi
Health Science V

I think [high school students] are prepared in terms of their knowledge but not necessarily the workload. I know that it’s getting harder to prepare for postsecondary education in terms of expecting the amount of work that you’re going to receive, but in terms of education I think " at least where I went to school " I was really prepared for a lot of my first-year classes.
"Dharane Shanmuganathan

I honestly [didn’t] feel that prepared [for university] because of the way that they teach the curriculum [in high school] as opposed to the way we learn here. Here it’s so independent and [in high school], someone’s trying to say “you have to do this” every day, so I think we need more independence, because I think that would prepare us for here.
"Lea-Anne Daugavietis
Social Science I

They’ve got teachers who don’t know what they’re talking about. You get a lot of those teachers.
"Tianning Zhang

I think my high school did a really good job. I went to Banting, and a lot of the professors in Grade 11 and 12 used a good lecture style, so I felt I was really prepared for university when I got here. But I know other kids have no clue what they’re doing, and their teachers didn’t do anything for them.
"Alexandra Dikih
Arts I

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