Canada doesn't have culture to celebrate

How bona fide is Canadian pride?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Am I the only one whose chest doesn’t swell at the sight of our national flag blowing in the wind?

Not that I have any real problem with Canada. Sure, it’s a great place to live and you’ve got to admit the free(ish) healthcare and education are huge bonuses. But I don’t see how I can be proud of being Canadian when I hardly know what that even means.

I used to think we were a peace-loving and down-to-earth nation, filled with accepting people. However, in light of recent foreign activity, I think ‘peaceful’ is an adjective that would better describe the Swedish or Norwegian peoples. As for whether or not Canada is down-to-earth and accepting, I’d say a better description would be polite and tolerant.

If anything, I think the US better represents some qualities we claim to have. I was shocked during my winter break trip to the US when a stranger actually started a conversation with me while waiting in line, rather than avoiding my eyes like they were Medusa’s and staring intently at the floor.

You know this happens in Canada " you’ve all done it on bus rides. So much for the happy, down-to-earth-Canadians.

I’m proud to be an individual, rather than some stereotype that isn’t true. Being patriotic is about feeling a bond between yourself and the members of your nation, but I’d rather share a bond with people who actually have similar interests and goals to my own, rather than some random who lives on this side of the border.

I guess that’s another problem with Canadian pride. It’s such a massive country and all the different urban centres are relatively isolated from one another.

For instance, how could I, a country bumpkin, feel some sort of patriotic connection to the GTA city folk? We’ve come from completely different backgrounds and paces of life.

Yes, we might share some common interests like television shows or bands, but most of these things aren’t Canadian to begin with! Canadian pop culture is so largely based on America’s " how does sharing the interest of another country’s culture make you more Canadian?

So Canada, while I might be very thankful to live here and not in Kenya or Pakistan, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any true patriot love for you.

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