Rogers taking advantage of students

Convoluted customer service screws us over

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The following diatribe is an honest account and has not been exaggerated, because frankly, it needs no embellishment.

Chances are good that if you’re a student at Western, you will inevitably have a dispute with your cable/cell phone provider over a technical malfunction, or perhaps an unusually high bill.

What’s even more likely is that your provider is Rogers, and that you’ve dealt with its abysmal technical support system.

Don’t think Rogers sucks? Ask a friend " you’d be surprised as to the overwhelming number of people who would love to share their Rogers nightmares, each more terrifying than the last.

Obviously, Rogers’ technical support system wasn’t well thought-out. This is evident in the little things.

For instance, when you call the technical support line regarding trouble connecting to the Internet and other such difficulties, you are presented with the message: “For your convenience, we now offer technical support online at”

Now, how in the hell would that help me if I’m calling because my Internet’s down in the first place?

What’s even more frustrating is if you have a genuine problem not found in the representative’s manual and requires little effort to resolve the situation, they simply put you on hold and bounce you over to another department.

Heaven forbid your problem involves actual hardware. Rogers will inevitably point you to whichever company manufactures the product. In doing so, Rogers removes all responsibility for fixing your problem.

You are then given a number to contact, only to experience the same mind-numbing cycle of bullshit. Where’s the justice?

The billing format is also of concern. The bogus charges Rogers bills are aggravating, but it knows it can get away with it.

If Rogers can hastily slap on all sorts of service fees, it knows the majority of people who call to dispute their bill will eventually give up the fight because of the inefficiencies in its technical support system. This is of special concern given that students cannot afford to keep paying inflated charges.

A lack of accountability is upsetting given Rogers nearly monopolizes southern Ontario’s telecom industry. The fact that a consumer cannot hold someone within the company accountable is corporate bullying.

A stern caution to Ted Rogers: get off your high horse and stop fucking students around " or we might all switch over to NetZero.

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