Take the trouble to save the environment

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
There’s no doubt embracing environmentally conscious attitudes " and altering one’s lifestyle accordingly " is challenging in many respects. I can understand one’s reluctance to carefully scrutinize each product he or she purchases to avoid supporting goods with excess packaging.

I also understand the difficulty in drastically reducing gasoline consumption or decreasing the amount of meat in his or her diet. By the way, encountering difficulty is not an excuse for lack of action.

What I don’t understand is the laziness and ignorance on the part of Western students with respect to recycling habits. I frequently observe plastic bottles, pop cans, glass juice bottles, etc. in garbage bins " it doesn’t even seem to matter if the recycling bin is adjacent to the garbage bin.

That’s ridiculous and irresponsible anywhere, let alone at an institution of higher education. No one’s asking you to be a hardcore environmentalist " just put your plastic bottles into the bin that reads “Plastic Bottles” and pop cans into the bin that reads “Pop Cans.”

It’s really not hard, and it’s embarrassing that individuals who attend the University of Western Ontario can’t understand such an elementary concept.
"Tyler Goettl
Political Science/Economics I

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