Grace Saenz-Lopez

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“She loves the little dog. She told me that if she were a single woman, she would not care if she went to jail for the rest of her life before she would give the dog back.”
"Homero Canales
Lawyer for Grace Saenz-Lopez, Mayor of Alice, Texas

Saenz-Lopez should be ashamed of herself for stealing her neighbours’ dog " a Shih Tzu named Puddles.

The small-town mayor allegedly agreed to watch Puddles while her neighbours were on vacation, but told them Puddles was dead when they returned.

Three months later they saw Puddles " now renamed Panchito " at a dog groomer and Saenz-Lopez is apparently refusing to give the mutt back.

It’s good to see politicians interacting with their constituencies, but perhaps they could do it without dog-napping.

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