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A different take on two-tier healthcare

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I wouldn’t think [two-tier healthcare] would be that bad. It might not be as great for things like organ waiting lists, to be able to buy your way up higher " I just don’t think it’s really right. But other than that, if you really needed to get in for something and you could afford it " for a broken arm or something " I don’t think it would be that bad.
"Dana Beckenreid
Social Science I

I don’t mind [Canada’s healthcare system] that much. It just sucks if you have little injuries and you have to wait in hospital for six hours at a time.

If people have the money and they want [two-tier healthcare], it’s not like they’re going to skip past someone who really needs to go first for surgery or anything. If it’s something like if they’re in there for x-rays, then whatever.
"Scott Harrison
Social Science I

I had to beg and whine to get a family doctor here in London, but I’ve lived in some systems like in England, which has a socialized healthcare system as well, and it’s garbage " it’s far worse than ours. I’ve lived in places like Spain, where I haven’t had healthcare and stuff like that, so I can’t really complain.
"Erin Finnigan
Spanish II

I think [two-tier] has it place, because if you want emergency care, you can’t necessarily get it. If people have the means to pay for [healthcare], they can have it.
"Rami Bahloul
Medical Science II

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