Run for USC President to stop wasting pennies

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
If you’re a Western student, you’re about to pay a fraction of a cent to be exposed to my opinion, so I’d better make it worth your while.

For those of you who do not know, the University Students’ Council Presidential Elections are approaching. Right now, nominations are open, and I’m going to tell you something you probably don’t know.

You don’t need any USC experience to run. It helps, but you don’t need it. As long as you have $200 and 50 Facebook friends to sign your nomination, you can get your name on the ballot and potentially become the next USC President.

The best part? You get the 200 bones back " it’s just a bond.

Now back to my first statement. You pay student fees. Those fees are disseminated by the USC into all of its various endeavours.

For instance, every year the USC spends a little bit of your money to help construct giant signs on UC Hill made out of miscellaneous crap to advertise the candidates.

You help fund this nonsense with your student fees. Every year, the USC sponsors the production of thousands of rave cards to endorse the candidates that wind up littering campus. You pay for those too.

Generally, the USC is too busy debating about cigarette sales to give a crap what you think (with apologies to the councillors who actually do), so if you don’t like how they throw your money around, then here’s your chance to tell them directly. You can run for President.
"Mike Dewar
Science Alumnus
Philosophy IV

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