Jon-Jo Douglas

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“The HIV virus will live in a dried state for year after year after year and only needs moisture to reactivate itself.”
"Justice Jon-Jo Douglas
Barrie Judge

Justice Douglas should be ashamed of himself for demanding an HIV-infected witness wear a SARS breathing mask in a recent trial.

The witness revealed he was HIV positive and had hepatitis C in testimony; Justice Douglas then expressed his outrageous idea that the witness simply speaking within two feet of him posed a serious threat to the safety and integrity of the courtroom.

Justice Douglas’ behaviour resulted in the trial being adjourned, contributing to courtroom backlog, not to mention unacceptable discrimination.

With all the awareness on HIV and AIDS, how does such ignorance show up in an Ontario court? Until recently, Douglas sat on the board of Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston. He should know better.

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