USC funds go to causes for all students

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Run for USC President to stop wasting pennies”
Jan. 30, 2008

To the editor:
The University Students’ Council offers a number of different programs for students across Western, giving students opportunities to get involved in whatever interests them: clubs, social events, student government and, of course, elections.

The important thing is giving everyone an equal opportunity to get involved.

I may not want to be a member of the UWO Karate Club or go to Charity Ball, but money from student fees " which we all paid " will be funding those programs regardless, so those who want to participate can.

Every candidate " from president to faculty councillors " all are reimbursed for campaign expenditures. This ensures those who want to run for elections have the means to do so, and that no one will be excluded because they do not have the funds.

There are strict by-laws when it comes to campaign expenditure reimbursements " candidates have to produce specific receipts and are only reimbursed for the lowest prices possible.

However, the USC cannot dictate the way candidates use their material. How many trees they kill for flyers is subject for another debate.

Having campaigned for a USC councillor position last year, I can tell you it’s no easy task. My campaign was far from elaborate, yet it took a lot of hard work at a time when we all had midterms and projects coming at us from every direction.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the presidential candidates; debating whether or not to spend next week’s grocery money on posters should be the last thing on their mind.
"Michelle Fan
Nursing II

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