Is porn really violence against women?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Upset over sex stigma article, readers stigmatize sex”
Feb. 1, 2008

To the editor:
Where is the evidence that porn commits violence against women? Perhaps you have forgotten that females featured in pornographic videos are paid handsomely (far better than their male counterparts).

This means all porn depicts women having consensual sex, and any “violence” or humiliation they suffer is something they accept in order to meet the directors’ wishes and keep their jobs.

Your assumption that women work in the pornography industry as a result of coercion and desperation has very little basis.

Porn stars make on average $86,000 US per film, and most will release more than one film a year.

They go to work for the same reason we all do " a paycheque. When they are making that much money, trust me, they don’t need your sympathy.
"Mike Knox
Chemical Engineering II

To the editor:
To add somewhat to Kaela Stradiotto’s letter, the Canadian statistics I’ve seen on reported crime " which admittedly do not necessarily represent all acts of violence committed " show that men and women are equally the victims of assault (sexual and non-sexual combined).

But disturbingly, more women than men are assaulted by spouses or other family and about 10 times more women than men are sexually assaulted.
"Andrew Fitzpatrick
Philosophy IV

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