Pretentious grad student hates our undergrads

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
This is a message to all undergraduate students on campus: do not come to the Grad Club to do homework, study or occupy a table.

The offenders know exactly who they are with their textbooks sprawled out seizing an entire booth or table, even during the busy lunch hour when a free table is hard to find. It’s bad enough that you come to buy food.

I pay Society of Graduate Students fees every term when I pay my tuition and a portion of that fee is used to subsidize the Grad Club so that I have a place to socialize and have a good time.

Do you undergrads realize that in order to even walk into the premises you are supposed to have an associate membership? Chances are you are aware, but you are just extremely inconsiderate.

There is now numerous signage posted around every entrance to the Grad Club indicating undergraduate students are not permitted. Perhaps you should pay attention to it.

The SOGS website states, “Any full-time graduate student at Western is a full member of the Grad Club. Individuals in certain other groups on campus [including students at Western’s professional schools, part-time and continuing education students, mature students (over the age of 21), faculty, staff and alumni] are eligible to apply to become associate members. Only members, guests of members and associate, honorary and temporary members are permitted to use the Grad Club facilities.”

Give graduate students their space and stay out of our club. If I wanted to spend half an hour looking for a table to eat my lunch in a crowded facility, I’d go to the University Community Centre or Natural Science.
"Mike Edwards
M.Sc. Chemistry

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