Are you voting in the USC elections?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Gazette asked are you voting in the USC elections?

I’m in my fourth year, so it doesn’t affect me really, but I think that if you’re in second or third year you should vote because the [University] Students’ Council decides where our money goes.
"Lindsay Wittmann
Psychology IV

I knew a couple people running for Social Science councillor [last year], so I just figured I might as well fill everything out.
"Michael Herberman

Just lack of information on what it’s all about " who the candidates are and stuff " [is why I don’t vote].
"Dan Morrill
Biology III

I’m an international student, so I don’t really know anybody or how the system works.
"Darshanpreet Khosa
Engineering IV

I didn’t [vote] last year, but I plan to this year ... I think I didn’t know enough about the school and the politics behind it and now this year, I’ll look over platforms and see what needs improvement.
"Andrea Doubilet
Kinesiology II

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