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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Couples on a date

Gazette Editor: Desiree Gamotin, English IV, Arts and Entertainment editor, loves beards, a sense of humour and good taste in music. Pet peeves include Tila Tequila references and moodiness.
Date: Christopher Crighton, Law student, appreciates a sense of humour and finds confidence attractive. Pet peeve is superficiality.
Activity: Labatt Brewery tour
Dinner: Gozen

How did I get roped into going on a blind date for The Gazette? For starters, it was my big mouth.

This year I mindlessly suggested switching things up by sending a female editor on a blind date. I had no intention of involving myself; I just thought it would be a nice read.

By process of elimination, I was the only single female editor in the office, as graciously pointed out by my co-editors, so I couldn’t go back on my suggestion.

After a brief moment of wooziness at the thought of abject humiliation, I realized how interesting this could be; if anything, it would make for a great story plus bonus points if it ended disastrously. So I agreed and thought nothing of it for a few weeks until date co-coordinating editor Dave Ward announced he had actually found me a match. His unabashed enthusiasm for his selection spread to my co-editors, which gradually started to psych me out.

The day of this super-hyped up blind date finally arrived. I recognized the guy at the door â€" I had met Chris a few months ago, but very briefly through mutual friends.

My nerves instantly vanished as soon as we got into the car â€" conveniently chauffeured by Ward and sports editor Ravi Amarnath â€" since we skipped the introduction part and talked non-stop during the drive.

We arrived at our activity, a Labatt Brewery tour, and I was nerdily excited to discover how the delicious concoction was made. We began the tour by donning unnecessarily massive headsets and badass protective glasses.

It was slightly ridiculous to be fed the tour guide’s voice through the headsets while it was only Chris and I on the tour not to mention the tour guide was only an arm’s length away. But I guess the tour wouldn’t have been the same without the gear and we laughed about it afterward.

The tour was topped off with an educational beer-tasting portion where we smelled and sampled some Labatt beers, which provided us with the skills to sound smarter in bars.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Gozen, a fantastic sushi place downtown we were both fans of. I couldn’t believe how funny and easy going Chris was.

We swapped the weirdest anecdotes and I found that we shared the same interests. The conversation lasted until we were pretty much the last two people in the restaurant by the end of the night.

If I expected awkward moments and obnoxious speech bubbles to formulate around me a la Blind Date, I was disappointed. Chris was incredibly interesting to talk to and genuinely a fun guy.

So in the end, I had a great first date and opening my big mouth wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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