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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Couples on a date

Gazette Editor: Malcolm Aboud, Philosophy IV, Opinions editor, looking for a girl who is easy to talk to. Pet peeve is people who talk too much about their ex’s.
Date: Steph Young, MIT III, looking for a smart dressing guy with a sense of humour who knows how to treat a girl. Pet Peeve is excessive talking about oneself.
Activity: Snow Tubing at London Ski Club, Boler Mountain.
Dinner: Tasting Room.

When I was originally asked to be this year’s Gazette blind date, I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel. Nervous? Anxious? Excited? I’d never been out with a girl I didn’t know before, and honestly had no clue how it would go.

I’m not exactly sure right now what to write next, and I guess that’s appropriate " when the door opened, I couldn’t say the obligatory “Is Steph here?” or “Hi, I’m Malcolm” to a girl I already knew. I can’t have looked entirely impressive standing stuttering in the doorway, still meekly grasping a small bouquet of flowers.

Indeed, we both later admitted it took a while for the conversation to get going. Any awkwardness was increased by the presence of sports editor Katie Graves and photo editor Jon Purdy, recruited to chauffeur for the night. Thank God we didn’t hear the plethora of “That’s what she said” jokes I’ve since learned Purdy whispered to Graves on the way to Boler Mountain, the night’s first destination.

The first real topic of conversation ended up coming when we realized the lift for Boler’s inner-tubing run was broken, meaning we’d have to walk to the top. The traction on Steph’s boots wasn’t up to the task " it was a miracle we made the top after a couple slips " but the real issue was how to get back to the bottom.

We decided I could lower Steph down while she sat in the inner tube. The first time my foot started slipping it hit me just how important it was to stay on my feet.

I enjoyed tubing and talking to Steph, but needless to say the date thus far wasn’t exactly romantic. Here’s my advice to future date-goers: bringing two friends along and forcing your date to trudge up a steep, snowy hill would best be avoided.

I was initially nervous heading into the restaurant " albeit nothing a good beer couldn’t have fixed " but when we sat down I started to feel at ease. The conversation started to actually flow. It also can’t have hurt that we’d ditched our chauffeurs.

Finally, it started to feel more like a date. More importantly, it felt like a date with someone I could actually talk to. What felt like an hour was easily two-and-a-half, and I found myself disappointed when it had passed. Hopefully Steph enjoyed the night as much as I did.

There’s a chance on any date that it won’t go well, and there’s a very real possibility you’ll strike out in conversation. You also obviously can’t go in expecting anything serious to come of it.

But there’s also a chance you’ll end up meeting somebody you really enjoy. I saw both sides of it last week, and I guess the last impression it left me with was this:

Even if you’re not looking for love, you’ll likely have a good time enjoying a fine dinner with a beautiful girl.

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