2008 Sex Survey Written Results

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Him and Her

Photographer: Justin Wu, Assistant Photographer: Shaun Ding

What’s your favourite position?
Some of the more popular choices: Missionary, Woman-on-top, Cowgirl, Doggie-style.
Some of the more unusual choices: The Hairpin; the Spider; the Piledriver; the one-that-wakes-my- roommate-up; Newton’s (every action has an equal and opposite reaction)

In what public places have you had sex?
The top picks in no particular order: Behind the pizza bar at The Spoke; Algonquin Park portage route (watch out for mosquito bites); Lost and Found; On the ground in a bus lot between buses; The Huron Elevator (apparently they had a camera); On the “W” at T.D. Waterhouse Stadium

What’s your strangest fetish?
Here are some of the more memorable submitted fetishes: Rubbing garlic on both bodies and licking it off; “So I’m in a bathtub full of tapioca pudding with some stuffed animals. There’s a girl watching me while wearing a construction worker’s outfit and diddling herself with a mop handle...” (it goes on like this for some time); Pineapple rings

What is your favorite roleplaying scenario?
Gynecologist and patient; FBI Agents; April O’Neil and the Brain from Ninja Turtles; the usual: Teacher/student, Boss/secretary; Mickey and Minnie Mouse; Bunny and carrot

What’s the most memorable piece of music you’ve had sex to?
Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony; Brian Tracy: The Psychology of Achievement (motivational tapes); The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What you Want;” Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer;” Raffi’s “Bananaphone”

What’s the best music to have sex to?
Some of the more popular picks: Techno; Rock; Death from Above 1979; Led Zeppelin; 50 Cent (only for one-night stands); The Chipmunks

What’s the best movie to have sex to?
A random assortment: The Wizard of Oz; Porn (duh); March of the Penguins; Cruel Intentions; Magnolia; The Goonies; Top Gun

What is the strangest/dirtiest thing you or your partner has said during sex?
Some of the weirdest things? Tastes like chicken; Fuck me like your Dad fucks your Mom; I’m going to fuck you like a rabid bunny; I’m going to have to remember the diagram from my science textbook; I’ll be the US and you be Iraq;

What’s the strangest object you’ve masturbated with?
A bottle of Malibu; my Avril Lavigne sock puppet; perfume bottle; Furby; The vacuum hole in the wall; Plastic bag and lube between the mattress and boxspring; “The Stranger” (masturbating after your hand has fallen asleep); A rubber lobster; Brother’s stuffed animal

What are the greatest lengths you’ve gone to have sex?
I asked a random person if she wanted to go somewhere to have sex. We went at it for 10 hours and I was high on ecstasy; The length of my penis; I told her I’d kill her dog if she didn’t; Donated money to the charity she worked for.

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