Ivey, grad students get called out

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Pretentious grad student hates our undergrads”
Feb. 13, 2007

To the editor:
I would like to clarify Grad Club policies, as the issue of undergraduates in the Grad Club has been discussed recently at Society of Graduate Students council meetings and the recent Annual General Meeting.

First and foremost, not a single cent of any graduate student fee is used to subsidize the Grad Club. It is a self-sustaining business whose profits are used to fund bursaries for graduate students in need. (If it were subsidized, I assure you that beer would be cheaper). As such, an outright ban on undergrads is neither logistically feasible nor profitable.

Second, the signs posted around the Grad Club or on the Grad Club website do not state that undergrads are not permitted, but rather the opposite.

Undergrads are welcome to enjoy the Grad Club, but will be asked to leave if they view the Grad Club as a study hall or as a place to pester their TA or professor about course work. The staff is instructed to remove any offenders.

Undergrads may also be asked to leave during peak hours. I personally know several undergrads who enjoy Tuesday Trivia, Rick McGhie on Thursdays or coming out to watch UFC, since the Grad Club offers the best value on campus for food, drinks and entertainment.

Mr. Edwards’ concerns are noted, and I want to be clear: the Grad Club’s priority is its membership. The membership enjoys many perks, including a five per cent discount on food purchases, reservation and room rentals and " once your thesis defence is complete " a drink from the “Goblet.”

Several events during the year are only open to grads. However, unless there are problems, the Grad Club will offer its services to undergrads and use the profits to improve services for grads.

Anyone with questions or concerns with the current policy can email me or talk to their SOGS councillor.
"Steven Beasley
PhD Biochemistry
SOGS VP Finance

To the editor:
“It is my goal for the night to get completely wasted and live” " that’s what all of their shirts should have read; unfortunately, only one shirt actually said that.

Last Saturday during an Ivey pubcrawl, one student didn’t agree with the quote depicted on the back of his matching pub crawl T-shirt; he used paper, scotch tape and a magic marker to conceal the end of the original slogan.

His new saying was cheery and good-natured compared to the preceding statement, which read “It is my goal for the night to get completely wasted. It is your objective in life to get into Ivey.”

I happen to be a part-time employee at one of the local bars they visited; dreadfully, I witnessed our fellow students publicly misrepresent and embarrass our school.

Not only did they parade around the city showcasing their offensive shirts, while waiting for drinks they also snapped their fingers, slapped the bar and interrupted conversations.

To top it off, it was disheartening to see that many of them did not tip. The few students who actually did leave a gratuity gave pennies, nickels, dimes, and the odd quarter. I realize leaving a tip is not mandatory, but it is definitely appreciated.

I imagine Ivey students will have another pubcrawl before the year is done. Hopefully, they’ll consider this letter and refrain from humiliating our school.

Instead, they should abide by Ivey’s mission statement and try to “...contribute to the societies within which they operate.”

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