The Gazette shouldn't be picking winners

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Lecce is our pick”
Feb. 14, 2007

To the editor:
Just because The Gazette can endorse candidates does not mean it should. A picture of a victorious Lecce right next to a “Lecce is our pick” article and a “You should vote ...” article?

That is not appropriate, no matter who the student newspaper is supporting.

A sadly common voting fallacy is to want to make your vote count " to vote for the winner. It’s because of this that things like an entourage of supporters, being picked by the media as the winner and having 2,245 Facebook friends (and rising, I’m sure) can have much more of an impact than the actual issues.

As the only student paper, you guys have an unstated responsibility to remain neutral on such issues. As prospective journalists, I’m sure you all have an idea as to the effects of the media on public opinion.

Last year The Gazette did well in its “may the best man win” stance. The year before, it stated Fab Dolan and Dave Sheedy were in a two-horse race.

This year? The media, it seems, hath selected the victor. The paper was rife with opinions stated as truths that the Western populous no doubt gobbled up.
"Dan Berry
Criminology/Psychology I

Editor’s Note: Our newspaper " and newspapers in general " are indeed familiar with candidate endorsement. In 2003-04, we endorsed Pat Harris, and in 2004-05 we backed Mat Abramsky " neither of whom won the USC election.

If you’re looking for more legitimacy, The New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate for the Democrats.

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