UCC dancers should respect the rest of us

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

When the University Community Centre is renovated, a dance space would be a terrific idea.

Based on the number of groups filling the UCC every night, the space would be used.

For now, a dedicated dance space doesn’t exist. Hence, until this space is created, groups using the UCC should learn to have more respect.

It’s not all the groups, but some are definitely abusing the UCC.

I understand the need to move tables and carpets to practice effectively. How hard is it to return things to the way you found them?

While you’re at it, clean up your water bottles you dirty slobs. Just because the UCC has a staff that will clean up after you doesn’t mean they should have to.

Try to remember the space’s primary use is as a walkway. I don’t mind walking around your dance group, but don’t block the whole hallway, and worse, don’t you dare give me a dirty look for ‘interrupting.’

I spend 60 hours a week in the UCC; so you are dancing in my second home. Even if I didn’t live in this building, I have a certain pride for my university, its buildings and the people in them. Some of the people practising their dance routines in the UCC could use a little more pride.

Hopefully the UCC will soon be renovated into a better place. If dance groups don’t learn to respect it now, I might support building another Tim Hortons instead of a dance space, though.

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